On both a physical, and mental scale, the loss of a friend is hard. Now I’m not talking about the death of a close friend, but more or less the death of a friendship in game that might not ever come back.

In the past few days, we’ve had two of our best healers leave the guild and all around quit the game. For whatever reasons of thiers, we support them wherever they go.

The hardest part of watching them go was the fact that not only were they guild healers, but everyone in our guild is a friend. Guilds, even with thier occational drama, is like family, and watching someone leave with the nagging thought in the back of your mind saying you’ll never talk to them again, is hard to cope with for a while.

Someone you generally care about, concerned for thier well being, you want them to be happy and enjoy themselves in and out of the game, even if that means cutting the game off completely and letting the account die never speaking to that family again. No one realized it at first, but the impact of that loss of a friend is lasting.

The imediate feeling of loss once you see that person log off for the last time, you want them to log on one last time to wish them luck in life and to have fun. And long after that last log, the lasting impact on the guild knowing one of thier own is gone, it dents the guild confidence and moral.

In the case of our guild healers, we’re all really close to one another. We look out and help one another, laugh with one another, we’re a close knit group. When our two finest left, we were kind of at a loss. These two said people were masters of thier class. They knew the ends and outs of thier specs and gear, they were absolutely MINDBLOWING.

When they left, we didn’t know how to make up for that level of skill in our raids. Last night in Ulduar, we were having such a hard time on Ignis. There was so much damage going on, people dieing the the pot, the tanks going down quick, DPS that were actually following directions dieing because healers were in such disarray.

At the end of the night, we stood scratching our heads asking ourselfs “Did those two really make that much of a difference.”

Surprisingly enough, I believe they did. Not only are we down two amazing healers with wicked crazy skill, but two friends who are gone forever that we’ll never get to laugh with again.

Some people don’t understand why WoW players can spend hours on end in front of the computer, and talk to strangers all day. They don’t understand how the game can become so addictive. It’s not the game aspect that makes it addictive, it’s the social aspect of the game that keeps drawing people back.

Sure we’re all strangers at first, but when you start cutting up and joking in gchat, or throwing snarky comments in good humor at one another in vent with a playful gkick, these strangers quickly become your friends. You know thier names, where they come from, what kind of music and TV shows they like, thier favorite beer to drink during a raid. These people become friends.

And it’s always a tragic thing to say a final good-bye to a friend.

I’m sure everyone has experienced this type of loss in game of a friend, and you know how it feels to lose that companionship that made you want to keep logging on and playing. But as we all know, time heals all wounds… so I’ll believe that in time, we’ll always come back, and pick up loss ground, and keep trudging forward to try and live up to thier memory.