I’ll jump on the bandwagon and follow everyone elses trend of posting what THEY think about the supposed “leaks” of the expansion, what’s they think is going to happen, and how people should feel.

Heh… not really.

To be honest, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and wait for the official word from Blizz on what the FUCK is going on before getting my hopes up or down. But I can tell you think, is said ‘leaks’ are true…

1.) Yes, I would be a very VERY sad polar bear if most of these ‘predictions’ are correct.
2.) Yes, I would cry in a corner and /wrists is my lovely lore is butchered.
3.) Yes, I would laugh at the horde for having everything they know all fucked up, haha.
4.) Yes, I would be very angry at Blizz for a long long time if they didn’t actually put forth an effort to explain everyones favorite question, “WHY!?”
5.) Yes, I would rofl for days at the overuse of the term “Holy Cow” when we kill a Tauren Pally.
6.) Yes, I would be confused as to why ANYONE would want to play a goblin… WTFWHY!?
7.) Yes, I would attempt to bore a powerdrill through my brain because I know I will have to listen to Ambro talk about how terrible it is for days.

That is, only of course, if all of these god-forsaken ‘leaks’ from a ‘reliable source’ is true. Ha.

If not, I’m going to Lolololol at MMO-Champion, WoW.com, etc. becase as Anna nicely put it, its thier asses that get burnt for false reporting.

In other news…

In less than three weeks I’ll be moving from Florida to Illinois, and for those of you that read Ambro’s blog…

Please pity my poor soul…


I’ll be moving across the street from her… literally walking distance from her immense, unpredictable, /RW spamming WRATH!!!