Alright, Yesterday I wasn’t able to get around to posting because I’m currently working on another blog.

/gasp Oh NOEZ


I’m working on an RP blog on the side. (Or rather… 2 actually. One just happens to be my favorite that I’ll be working on the most while the second is gonna kinda… dwindle away until I can figure out what I want to do with it.) So yeah… split attention between three blogs is not fun, lol.

The two are connected in some sorts, but they follow their own complete separate plots.

One follows an up and coming druid who is just setting out in the world and has yet to come into contact with the scourge. Her only problem is her hatred of orcs… unfortunately she has no idea that’s the least of her worries.

The second, and more or less my favorite, follows a death knight whole was recently released from the Lick Kings control that runs a neutral underground trade business. Light knows that drama, lies, and deceit will ensue in her dark tangled web of blood and gold.

To forewarn you, or rather… to ask for your advice, my role playing experiences only cover forum, email, messenger RP, etc. For eight years this has been my method because frankly, I was afraid in game RP with an avatar would be too foreign to me. Because of 8 years of text RP, I’ve become an avid fan and sick obsessor with details, in which… according to some is wrong? O.o

I’m a visual person. When I read, and when I write, I visualize what’s happened to the characters. I picture everything from the way they wear their clothes to the way the trees bend when the wind blows. The sights, the scents, the noises, the people… everything, I can see, smell, hear, feel it all. Maybe it’s because I took a lot of writing classes in school, and I loved my English classes with a passion, but details are just something I can’t be scant on.

It makes my writing feel… naked.

I ask, is details necessarily a bad thing when it comes to writing? I know in game it’s like… no no to put useless info in such a small character box, but when writing out my RPs on a blog, should I be scant on details just to make it shorter and to get a point across?

But… as for the blogs, they’ll be up and running soon enough, ready for curious eyes to judge. Being as OCD as I am, there are a few kinks I’m working out, but I’ll hopefully have them fixed and ready by… maybe tomorrow.