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Because as of yesterday, our beloved Boobles was promoted to Guild Leader, I felt now was the best time ever to finish on a post that’s been saved in my drafts for quite some time.

For the past two years, I’ve filled almost every role in a guild in WoW. I’ve been the newbie player who didn’t know anything, I’ve been the semi-experience member who mostly kept to myself, I’ve been the obnoxious veteran who didn’t hesitate to butt her nose into officer business and try to help, I’ve been the frantic officer running around with my head cut off, and finally… I’ve been the regretful guild master who wished she could’ve kept it all together, in game and in real life.

After all this, maturing in game and IRL, it’s taught me that a guild leader takes a very special person, a person I learned that I myself wasn’t qualified for.

Not just anyone can run up, start a guild, and expect people to join and be merry till the end of game. You can’t much expect that in real life; can’t start a business and expect all your first employees to stay till retirement. Being through walks of life through WoW and in real life, here is Mika’s Socializing 101: Guild Leadership Guide.

Blizzard defines Guild Leadership Basics as this.

But they don’t realize the PERSON behind that title is just as inportant as the ROLE they’re filling.

Jeon Rezvani wrote a book called Guild Leadership: Lessons from the Virtual World. Jeon is an IT Senior Manger, and a gaming fanatic. Combining his real life leadership lessons and his virtual leadership lessons, this is a very informational book. More information can be found here.

One last final helpful resource for new and upcoming potential Guild Leaders is this. Warcraft Hunters Union posed a good question, and got amazing responses. What do you, the people, WANT in a guild Leader? Browsing this post will also help you in understanding if you are the type who CAN successfully lead a guild.

First a foremost, every guild leader needs to understand, and mostly accept, that they will be, for always and forever, the top of the ranks, the leader, the go to person above all other people. They will be constantly under the miscroscope by the members; every move, decision, word will be microanalyzed, and while as there will be many friends to be made, there will also be enemies.

This seems to be the hardest aspect of being a guild leader to grasp. It’s hard to put 110% of your time and effort in game, and occationally IRL, for your guild to work, only to see people become upset, and leave… some of these people you call friends.

I hope this guide will help those people who want to make it work, through thick and thin, and avoid as many unecessary quits as possible.

For starters, There are many ways to run a guild. Many, many combinations of ranks to choose from. There’s a council system, a partnership system, but this guide will primarily be fore a Monarch/Presidential System where there is one GM, one Decision Maker, one Rule All.

This is where I shall hold off and postpone part 2 for tomorrow. The reason I break it up is so the information is easier to digest. Part 2 will be much lengthier than part 1, so my advice is to read up on the resources I’ve posted above, and get familiar to the setting.



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