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I would like to give thanks to Blizzard, for giving me more reason to hate heroics right before my shaman hit 80. Thank you so much for turning all emblem rewards from heroics to conquest badges, SO THAT EVERY FUCKING 80 ON THE SERVER WILL RUN HEROICS ALL AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME!!!!!

Hey Blizz….. L2GetMoreInstanceServers…. kthxbai.

Yesterday on my lovely day off, I spent all day long running heroic after heroic after heroic… Hell… I even DREAMED about running heroics. Even so on top of that, we decided to run Naxx 10 for some easy badges. Took us about 3 1/2 hours for a full clear, and even now tonight, there’s plans in the works for a Naxx 25 to be thrown together with another guild. The only upside is that when I finally finish getting all this gear of mine, I plan on holding off on heroics for a little while before starting the grind all over again.

On to good news, yesterday I finally finished getting together my tanking set for my polar bear. I caught some backlash because I refused to tank without having EVERY little detail perfect, but I had my reasons. Instead of going with a full mitigation or avoidence set, I took a different route that I don’t see too common. I wanted some avoidence stats as well as some mitigation stats. Reason being is that while mitigation tanking is hard to perfect for bears because of STAM and armor nerfs from patch 3.1, avoidence is a percentile tanking method, and RNG can sometimes work against you and you can easily get 2 shotted by a boss with no mitigation.

My current stats for my bear currently hover around a Naxx 25 standard for tanking. I have roughly 30k armor and 36k health 25 man raid buffed, but I’m also sitting pretty at a 40% dodge rating. After running a few heroics last night, I was getting feed back from my healer saying that most of the time, I wasn’t taking big hit all at once, but little hits over time and a renew could keep me topped off. That’s what I was hoping for, ease to heal by healers. I know how it is to keep certain types of tanks up, and I much prefer tanks who can dodge, but also soften those hits.

To boost that mitigation, The Black Heart out of reg ToC gives me a boost of stam, but the pro gives me 7056 armor, boosting my armor close to 40k for a short time. For any bear tanks, that trinket is IDEAL to have. I’m still currently using the dodge trinket from the heroic vendor because the massive amount of dodge on that trinket is amazing.

And now, for the screenshot of the week.

In Naxx 10, I managed 2 feats of strength that I didn’t even realize I was capable of. One of them, I totally forgot to screenshot. On KT, we decided to try for the 10 man Abom achievement in KT chambers. Unfortunately, the holy priest I was healing with, got shotted by skellies because DPS weren’t paying attention. (What’s new?) And at the time, my brez was still on CD for 9 minutes, so I got the lucky task of solo healing KT…. for a short while. When KT for to about 20%, I got iceblocked, and while I was kept alive, I was quickly frostbolted and was shot. Luckily, the prot pally and the shadow priest could heal the tank just enough for that last 20%.

A little earlier in the run, on Instructer Razuvious, we were having a hard time with one of the DPS controlling the adds, when to taunt, boneshield, etc… so we ended up losing one of our add and were promtly instructed to “HEAL THE SHIT OUT OF THE OTHER ADD!!” by the raid leader. Okay… no problem. In the end, we did manage to keep the add healed through the last 80% of Raz’s health, and I looked at meters and LOL’d.

5k Heals

I didn’t even realize 5k HPS was possible. I proudly pumped my chest and giggled to myself, and then was told to shut up and follow the tank for pulls.

So much for my moment of glory. /le sigh


It never ceces to amaze me how blizz finds humor in attempting to fix the balance between pure and hybrids DPS at the players expense, almost like punishing the hybrids for being able to coherently play thier class and out DPS that mage that just spams Frostfire Bolt during a boss encounter. They implicate these changes and nerfs to the hybrid DPS, but faintly leave a light at the end of the tunnel to recover some of that lost DPS… by completely regearing your toon for different stats.

With my current kitty gear, I was wearing a few pieces out of heroics, a few pieces out of Naxx 10, and a few pieces out of Naxx 25… and my guild took me to Ulduar 10 wearing such items. I had no 7.5, only T7, and I still had a reletively low gear level for Ulduar, but I managed. With no ArP on any items other than the T7 helm I wore, I managed to hold my own with about 3.5-4k DPS on bosses. Not too horrible in my opinion considering the circumstances.

Well after 3.2 was released, I spoke with several people, and read on serveral sites regarding the overall DPS drop. I’ve been told, depending on gear level, it was between a 7-12% DPS loss because of the patch. Basically Blizz is try to level out where a DPS hybrid can still hold his own, but wanted to shave the top off so that there was a MINIMAL difference between the hybrid and pure class DPS. (Roughly ~ 5%ish give or take depending on gear and player comprehension)

Well it wasn’t very clear to me how giving druids a 7-12% DPS nerf was going to level out anything, if not only just piss us off, but after speaking with a few other players, there’s a couple of theories running around as to why it was such a significant blow to our DPS.

One therory states that they’re trying to level back out the amount the bears to cats. After the major bear nerf in 3.1, a lot of druid bears stopped tanking and went kitty because of the lapse in health and armor they took because of the patch. Well after so many kitty-konverts came forward, there was a lack of druid tanks, and Blizz is making an attempt to bring back a few of those tanks.

Another theory states that, as they did with warriors, Blizz is trying to push kitties more towards an ArP stack gearing style. My first times running ToC, both of the leather items that dropped for DPS both had a massive amounts of ArP on them. Hypothetically speaking, if enough ArP is stacked, you should be able to regain some of that percential DPS loss with roughly between 25-30% armor ignore.

Eventually I’m going to get around to testing the ArP theory, but in the meantime I’m going to continue getting my tanking gear together first and worry about getting my ArP kitty gear together a little later on the side. Unfortunately, both directions of either tanking or ArP is proving to be quite costworthy, and with Steve constantly asking me to heal for his chain heroic addiction, it’s also proving to be very very difficult to make profit to fund these expenses.

Last night my guild went in to finish up our first Ulduar 25 we had begun on Wednesday. The run on Monday didn’t go as horribly as some of us assumed it would, we actually managed to down Loot Mobile, Razorscale, and Ignis. (In all honesty the Ignis down was a total shock after wiping so many times.) Well as we went back in last night, we had hopes of clearing up to Kolo, and putting in attempts as IC and Auriaya.

Well, I’ve realized you can’t always get what you ask for. As painful as it was last night, we only managed to down XT.

We attempted Kolo, but his problem was people were constantly sawing people in half with the lazer… WTF!? Because it’s so hard to see a giant beam of blue light following you. On top of that, the DPS we had wasn’t quit meeting the minimum standard we were hoping for. I was resto for this particular raid, but as kitty I can usually hold my own in a 25 man pulling roughly 3-4k depending on the situation in my T7 and miscellaneous Naxx 25 gear.

Boss-man Mach wanted to have a minumum of 3K DPS that some people, granted it was mostly because of thier gear level, couldn’t quite meet that minimum requirement. So, the only solution, to try and continue as many Naxx 25 and Ulduar 10 raids as possible to gear the remaining members of our guild to Ulduar 25 standards. There’s only one small problem.

We have 3 main tanks in the guild, and only a few members who have alts or off-specs to tank and are willing to put up with the harrassment in raids we give our tanks. On top of that, all three of them are limiting thier tanking quota so they don’t get burnt out. So the question is who are we going to pester to tank these Naxx 25 and Ulduar 10 mans?


“You know Mika…. we don’t have a druid tank…”

“>.> Yeah…. aaaaaand??”

“Well you ARE the only kitty in the guild…”


“Well it wouldn’t be hard for you to swap out some gems and gear and you-”

“Hahahahahaha…. WHAT!?”


And that is how I was guilted into considering to tank for the guild’s lower raids.

So today at work I’ve spent my morning reading up on different forums and blogs doing my research for stats that druid tanks require. It doesn’t seem that difficult, to sum everything up I’ve come to the conclusion I can be hit capped, expertise capped, with ~37k health and 35k armor in a week or two, no problem. Between being an avoidence or mitigation tank was a bit of a tough choice, but from the readings I’ve gathered, mitigation is the way to go in progression content for druid tanks.


After being a healer for so long, it’ll be interesting to see things from the other end of the spectrum.


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