-BearTreeKitty Druid
-US-Azgalor (PvP)

Mikata was the first toon I ever created when I first started playing World of Warcraft. When I got the game, I was torn between rolling a Druid or a Hunter (Like any other noob), but what got me was instead of controling animals, I could BE one. Granted it was hard, and from August of 2007 until August of 2008, it took me a year to get from 1 to 70 in BC because I was stupid and thought “hey, I’m going to level resto!”

Yeah, I’m retarded.

Through BC she was a PvP boomkin with S2/3 because my guild Fearless was running SSC and there was no way to catch up. Creating premades and owning face was what she was good at, until Wrath came out.

After getting to 80 she fell in love with raiding. Exploring new content, even if it is nothing but a wipe fest, learning new strats and getting new shinies is what made it all worth it. Knowing she wanted to stay resto, but wanted to try her hand at PvE DPS, Mikata roughly spent about 4k gold on respecs before dual specs were realeased switching between:

PvE Resto
PvP Resto
PvE Boomkin
PvP Restokin
PvE Kitty
PvP Kitty
PvE Bear

Yes…. Mikata respeced lord knows how many times between 7 specs. But after her experimentations, she realized how much she hated PvE boomkin, and how tanking was so NOT fun compared to kitty. So Kitty and Resto it was when dual specs came out. Ever since Mika has never touched boomkin, and vendored/deleted any boomkin gear she had.

Since patch 3.2, Mika has now taken the interest in tanking again, and dropped that loving kitty spec for a polar bear spec until she can properly regear for kitty… and so far, is loving every minute of being in the Fail Tank Club.


-EnhanceHeal Shaman
-US-Azgalor (PvP)

I didn’t initially level Reikia all on my own. She originally started out as a baby shammy named Ayanata, and I managed to get Aya up to level 8 before a very good friend of mine, Lowvez (Prot Pally US-Azgalor), who liked to milti-box shammys, said he would give me one of his because he didn’t want to bother with them during Wrath.

Abandoning Aya to rot in the inn at Azure Watch, I quickly changed “Lowvezfive” to “Reikia” and thus she came to be. Recieving her at 65, I fell in love instantly with her. Trying my hand at elemental, I quickly realized that, once again, PvE caster was not the way to go for me, so I switched her over to enhancement and spent about 200g on blues and greens off the AH to gear her new set.

Brining Rei over to BoO with Mika, she’s my brand-spanking undergeared baby 80. Now she is being abused to farm heroics for badges to try and get as well geared as possible. She got dual specs the day she hit 80, so now she’s resto-melee just like her big adopted sister Mika.