Not a long post today, work has me swamped for once and my supervisor is breathing down my neck.

The Good- I had quite a busy weekend. My trip to Chicago was amazing, I had a blast. I met some great people and saw some awesome places, I’m really looking forward to moving there in a month after I sort out my life here in Florida.

The Bad- I found out last night that I have the worst luck in the game. I’m not going to go into QQ details, but when I see myself investing so much time and effort into something, be it my druid or my shaman, I can’t seem to beat the Loot Table and RNG bosses. If anyone knows a strat… please… shoot it my way.

The Worst- I’m going to be taking an extended break from my shaman after tonight. I’m going to try to run a Naxx 25 on her, but if things go as they’ve been, I’m going to be parking her in Dal and letting her time run out. She’s been nothing but a headache and a frustration ever since she hit 80.

It’s hard to over-look some things, and when you try to put forth as much effort as you can and notice you’re only bashing your head against a brick wall for hours and hours on end, it’s disheartening to say the least.

That’s my weekend recap.

Now, for random Mika facts!

Mika was actually born in Alabama.

Mika has only lived in Alabama, Texas, and Florida… soon to add Illinois to the list!

Mika loves Basshunter.

Mika is craving white chocolate… like… really bad.

Mika is an avid car enthusiast, and one day plans on owning a Mitsu Evo IX MR.

Mika played soccer for 8 years, and played the flute for just as long.

Mika was in her high school band, on the dance line and flag core for fall, and concert band flute for spring.

Finally, Mika hates Tinker Bell, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry.


Mikata, today, is in la-la land. She can’t focus for more than 5 minutes on a specific task, even writing a post. I started a Freya strat… scrapped it. Went to a Mimiron strat… scrapped it. Tried a QQ post about how bad Amber is as a Disc priest… scrapped it.

I’m in la-la land because tomorrow I fly out to Chicago to see people I’ve met on the interwebs.


Save me the sob stories of kid nappings, or how irrational I’m being… I’ve heard it all before. I don’t care. Don’t take this the wrong way Amber… I swear, but… I actually trust these weird people I’ve met on the interwebs. I trust them enough to call them my friends, to pay 300 bucks to fly up and visit, and at the end of this month, to move in with or live next to.

I enjoy the company of them all, even if Amber is out to kill me when I make fun of her boob size.

But Mikata has never flown before… and while she has no doubts or worries about the trip itself, the thought of flying terrifies her. And flying for the first time… alone? Scares the living shit out of her.

So I regret to inform you all, but this will be the last post until I return on Tuesday. Friday I will be packing and making sure everything is together, flying, and spending the weekend with my interwebs friends. (And hopefully Amber doesn’t give me a concussion with her pillows.)

Last night we had our official guild reform meeting. For the most part, most of our members were able to make it. We did have a few who had RL issues come first, but we all know the cardinal rule of MMO gamming. For those who weren’t able to make it, myself and the officers will be filling them in on the details to what happened.

During the meeting, we discussed issues from the guild ranks, the mass gquits, the gbank access, progression raiding, and future expectations from the members in the guild.

Now, it’s far FAR too extensive to go into great detail about what was said, but when we asked feedback from the members, those who spoke up agreed that the changes in the guild were for the better of the guild seeing as we are no longer going to solely categorizing ourselves as a pure social guild, and we are moving farther into considering ourselves as a progression guild.

A few of the major changes included the revocation of gbank privileges from veterans in the guild. Because of the insertion of the new rank “Core Raider”, the veteran access has been moved to this rank. Veterans, like members and recruits, have no gbank access, and cannot view the higher quality items.

Now, a “Core Raider” is a position that has to be inquired about to show you are interested and can commit to most of the 9 standards of a “Core Raider” in the officer’s eyes. This rank has some gbank access, and can view the higher quality items in the gbank. This spot also guarantees you a spot in progression raids, but, if a time comes to where it is seen you can’t meet most of the 9 standards of a core raider, the rank will be revoked.

The 9 standards include:

1.) You demonstrate a solid understanding of how BoO runs work. (Loot rules, Policies)
2.) You come to raids prepared, repairs, with whatever you need.
3.) You pay attention and do as you are told durring progression raids. Stay on task.
4.) You do not come to raids late without notifying an officer ahead of time.
5.) Your gear is 100% gemed, enchanted, and you have a solid working understanding of your class and spec.
6.) You understand that the raid is not just about YOU, there are 24 other people there working hard. So pull your own weight, Do not get carried.
7.) You are comfortable with “taking charge” of the situation and/or raid. Meaning, there may come a time with I cannot attend a raid, that doesn’t mean you don’t go. It means 1, 2, 3, or even 10 Core raiders get together and pull the group together, lead the raid in the same manner in which I or an officer would.
8.) You have an open and compatable raid availability. (Meaning you know ahead of time if you can make a raid, and you can join us for atleast 2 nights a week if needed)
9.) You maintain a POSITIVE attitude, wipes happen, people get frustrated, but saying “Fuck this” and hearthing is a bad idea.

*Note* With this rank comes a higher expectation for Gbank donations. Remember kids, the bank exists to help progress our guild, but it doesn’t stock itself.

Right now members are going through an evaluation to see who would/can meet the criteria of a ‘core raider’.

Officer positions took a startling blow below the waist… they promoted Ky and myself as officers, lawl. Now every officer has a tank and a healer (I think with the exception of one, Amber’s boytoy –correct me if I’m wrong Amber-). We are the TankHealers and the HealingTanks, haha. 😛

Gbank was also reorganized due to the rank changes mentioned above.

This is the brief, brief, brief rundown of the changes. Last night in vent took about half an hour to go through them in immense details, but we all appreciated the clarification. As I said, the member’s who made the meeting last night all seemed to welcome the changes with an optimistic outlook, and they understand why they’re being put in place.

Hopefully with these changes we can straighten up the guild and get back into the swing of things. We’ve had a staggering blow or two in the past few weeks, but we’re tough cookies, we’re pushing forward, revamping, and we’re building on a strong foundation to be something great. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before we’re punching Yogg in the face with 25 people all sporting the name Brotherhood of Oblivion above their heads proudly.

Not much to post today, rather busy at work. I could post how we downed Auriaya, Hodir, and Freya last night in Ulduar… or I could talk about how I magically managed to turn my ToC group into a raid group and couldn’t figure out how I did it… or I could talk about my leet tanking…

Instead, I’ll just say this.

Amber is a terrible priest and should reroll as a horde rogue. Ky is a jerk who makes little girls like me cry because it makes him feel like a real man. And Rivs is just full of fail… utter and complete fail.

That is all, more tomorrow. 🙂

For anyone who ever played the old Croc games, you remember when he did his cool little spinney-chuck-norris-wanna-be-roundhouse-kick thing he always said “Ker-Chow!!” That was my favorite, yeah.

Well… this weekend I delivered my own Croc kick to WoW and did a little “Ker-Chow!”… WoW then turned around and Croc Kicked me.

Friday night when I got home from my OT, I sat and looked at my shaman who was sitting at level 78 ½ with a full amount of rested XP till 80. I looked at the clock, and decided that this weekend… she was going to be 80 damnit! So I decided that, for the weekend, Mika was going to be put on stand-by and it was going to be Rei’s weekend.

From about 7-12PM I managed to get her to 79. (It took me a while because I kept having to go AFK for one thing to another. /facepalm.) But before I went to sleep that night, I decided that I was going to get up early, and do nothing all day Saturday until she hit 80.

It was about 9:30 when I started, and by 12 I had gotten halfway. So far so good. By the time I reached 95% I had ran out of quests in Storm Peaks… and I hate Icecrown… so what do I do? It took about 10 minutes of mod butchering in a high spawn area, but I finally got…


by about 4 PM. So what’s the first thing I do?


Finally… she was ready for heroics whoring.

Or so I wished.

I spent all of Saturday night, and all day Sunday dedicating it to my shaman and trying to get her geared, but I have all of 5 purples to show for it. Granted, a little frustrated is definitely the understatement of the situation, but unfortunately I have no control over RNG when I 1. Lose gear, 2. can’t beat the door boss, 3. Can’t get a group because no one wants to compete with a noob for gear AND deal with the door boss.

I tried running a Naxx 10, but Mach wanted to bring a Hunter and another Resto shaman… so needless to say, if I rolled enhancement, I had to roll against an under geared hunter. If I wanted to roll resto, I would have to roll against an under geared shaman. I couldn’t win for lose if my life DEPENDED on it.

So yeah…. The beginning of this weekend was good, the end… not so much.

I have an issue when it comes to my toons. I hate it when my toon is considered ‘under geared’. When Mika hit 80, I was pulling tricks out my ass to put groups together for Naxx and heroics. I wanted her gear BAD. Same with Rei, I want her gear BAD. It bothers me if my toons can’t commit to the content I want them to be able to comfortably walk into.

I want Rei to be able to comfortably walk into a Naxx 25 or Ulduar 10. Yeah, pretty big jump for a fresh 80 not even 3 days old. Her walking around with a green trinket from level 65 I was never able to replace bothers me to the point of I won’t even TOUCH my druid until Rei is geared to the point of my approval.

Even if I have to sit and run heroics day in and day out to get 500 emblems to replace all the greens and blues on her, I will do it. I got over 1000 on Mika so far, I have no issues in farming heroics for lower easy raids for gear. 1. It gives me a chance to get gear for both specs 2. it’s good practice.

Right now, Mika’s time on her game card ran out on Saturday. For the time being… I’m not sure if I should bother re-subbing her for a while because I know in the mean-time, I’m going to be spending most, if not all, of my time on Rei. Granted the guild is still doing Ulduar 10, but I know there are a few healers in the guild who would be more than happy to take my place who actually need the gear.

In other news…

Tomorrow BoO is having a guild meeting where Mach will be announcing the guild changes that he and the officers are making to the guild to give it a more ‘casual progression raiding guild’ feel. I for one am very excited to hear about it. (I’m his GF and I’m still in the fog about certain details, but meh… I’m only a veteran, not an officer. I have to be reminded where my place is from time to time with this kind of stuff to avoid someone calling the ‘favortism’ card. /grumble) But right after the announcement, they’re going to be heading off to ToC 10 man, woot!!

With them luck.

Oh… by the way… on a side note…

I saw Ky and Amber do it a few time, so I’ll go ahead and shoot my own two cents in…

BoO is recruiting… we love long walks in Naxx, and cruising through Ulduar in our giant demolishers. In our spare time we like to farm heroics for badges, sit in vent and chat, and pick on Amber because she sounds like her sister. We’re looking for someone who is funny, witty, and can keep up with the jokes on our resident minor Hunt who takes a beating on a daily basis. If you think you’re this person, you can view our profile at BoO

Because filters at work suck, I’m uploading the screenies at home during lunch. =D

I would just like to take this time to say…


That is all… carry on. 🙂

So apparently Amber and Ky have deemed today National Mock Mikata Day because I am an epic scrub.

Happy Mockings Everyone. 🙂

Are you new to the game and looking for friends? Did you server transfer looking for a better end game raiding guild? I bet you and a group of friends are looking for that perfect glove fit in a guild that suits your needs? Well this is Mikata’s guide of what to do when looking for a guild to after joining a guild and becoming familiar with your new family. Welcome to Socializing 101: Joining a guild.

Looking for a Guild

Whether you’re new to the game, a fresh 80, or a spanking new server transfer, the aspects when looking for a guild is all the same. The only difference is the criteria in said guild that you’re looking for. Are you looking for a casual RP guild? Maybe a PvP guild? Social guild? End content hardcore raiding guild? This is the first thing you need to ask yourself is what exactly you’re looking for.

Other things include:
Do I want to be casual or hardcore?
Am I looking for a specific type of loot system?
Will I enjoy a specific planned RP event?
What about pug or member policies for runs?

But what defines ‘Casual’ from ‘Hardcore’?

There is a very VERY thin line that separates a casual player from a hardcore player. The best way to clarify which category you fall under is to look at the schedule the guild is running that you are interested in joining.

You decide what is too casual or hardcore for you. If a group is only running 2 days a week and you want to do 4, then they’re too casual for you. If another group is running 7 days a week but you still only want to do 4, then they’re too hardcore for you. Don’t bend yourself and commit to something you know you won’t be satisfied with.

Once you find the specific type of guild you want, do research on different guilds on your server. Browse through forums, blogs, and even ask around in game. 90% of the time, if you see someone in a particular guild you’re interested in just standing around, they wouldn’t mind answering a few questions regarding where to find a guild website, or to point you in the right direction of an officer who you can speak further with.

Be sure to get all your fact straight and evaluate what would best suit your needs before making a commitment.

Applying and Interviewing

Depending on the type of guild, most have an application and interview process to ensure a few things.

1.) You have a broad understanding of the guild and its policies.
2.) You understand and can commit to raid/RP event dates.
3.) You are competent regarding your class and spec
4.) If you have any experience regarding raids and end game content
5.) That you’re not a total and complete asshole.

To avoid looking like a jackass, this is why you need to do your research and know about the guild you’re applying to. When you make this commitment to join a guild, the GM, officers, and other members are putting their faith and trust in you, a complete stranger, to be honest and trustworthy to uphold their policies and reputation, to sport that flashy family title under your name.

Important Note:

Do not make a commitment you know you cannot uphold. If you are applying to a guild that raids 6 days out of the week and are doing t9 content, but you know that you can only free up 3 days of your week for raiding, this not only hinders the guild, but more greatly yourself. If you know you can’t commit to those raid days, then that’s a spot that the guild is still going to have to fill. More than likely on the days you can raid will be continuations, and the guild will only take those who can make that full commitment.

You never catch up to the guild content, and you will still wind up pugging the rest of your runs until you realize that this guild wasn’t right for you, and then you have to start the whole process over again.

”You have been invited to join the guild…”

Congratulations, you’ve successfully found a guild that you know you can commit to. They raid/RP the same days you do, they’re working the same content you can, they follow a loot system you agree with, they have policies you can support, hey… they shoe fits, right? Well that was the easy part.


Yup, all of this was the easy part, now you get to the harder, longer, more complicated process.

You’ve joined the guild, all fun and dandy. Now you have to mingle.

The hardest part of the process in joining a guild is making friends and mingling with the rest of the members. Some people in a guild will be outgoing and friendly. They’ll say hello and welcome you, but the responsibility of becoming a ‘guildie’ is your job, not the guild’s. You are the one that has to make an effort in being social.

When you log on, say hello in Gchat or OoC chat. If there’s a ventrilo server, log in and jump into a channel, say hey to everyone and ask about their day. Don’t isolate yourself. This is the most common case of member’s who quit guilds because they don’t feel ‘welcome’. Well it’s hard to ‘welcome’ someone who doesn’t want to be ‘welcomed’.

If you show an interest in getting to know your new guild mates, they will show the same general interest in getting to know you. Break the ice, crack a joke, tell them a funny scrubalicious moment you’ve done recently, after the first few minutes, everyone will start warming up to one another and everything will resume as normal laughing and joking.

You’ll eventually see a change, instead of you saying hey first, they will say hello to you when you log on, they’ll ask you to run with them, and then you know you’ve completely completed the process of joining a guild. So go forth, be fruitful, be happy… and remember, an MMO is about socializing… or else you’d be playing an RPG.

I was sitting at my desk at work, and I had started typing up this lovely little raid healing guide for resto trees. Spec, Gear, abilities, situations, oh it was going to be lovely. But then I realized that ‘Hey… work doesn’t let me access like half the shit I need in order to make references or to do detailed research of different talent notes or ability notes.’ So… I was faced with the decision to scrap it and save it till I got home, and look for something else to blog about… or just BS and look stupid with a half-assed healing guide.

I chose to save it and wait. ^-^

So as I sat in my cubicle… staring at a loan account waiting to be processed because some dumb ass doesn’t know how to type in their driver’s license state, it dawned on me.

We were all little baby nubcakes and one point in time, I sure do remember I was!

Here’s my story of how and why I first started playing the game:

It was August of 2007. I was currently working at a local Japanese restaurant as a waitress serving sushi to snobby patrons at a hibachi grill who were commenting about my kimono I spent 200.00 on. (It’s really pretty, I’ll have to show you all one day.) I finish serving the food and I go back into the back room with my coworkers.

Now I wasn’t aware of this, but out of about the 25-30 people who worked there, 5 people actually played WoW. One of them, a real close friend of mine named Tyler who plays Doriany and Shinjinku on my server US-Azgalor. When I sit down, they were all chit-chatting about something or another, and I just sat and listened. I had no clue what they were talking about, but they were really REALLY into the conversation.

At one point Tyler looked at me and said, “You should start playing.” I kinda laughed, looked at him like he was crazy, and asked why. “Um… because I play, duh!” We all laughed, and I just shook my head. “I dunno… seems kinda dorky.” (Little did he know then, or even still knows now… I’m more of a dork than people realize). He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“If you make a hundred bucks in tips tonight, you have to go buy it.” I rolled my eyes, laughed, and said fine, whatever.

So a few hours later that night I was standing in line with vanilla WoW and BC in my hands and my 120 bucks I made in tips that night. (Which is really good considering waitresses only got half of their tips) and I went home to install the game.

Looking through the different classes, I was trying to decide what I wanted to role. I knew I wanted to be an Elf, but since all my friends were alliance, I couldn’t be the blood elf warlock I wanted to be, so I had to be a Night Elf. The hard part… do I wanted to be a hunter or a druid?

I knew nothing about either class. The only deciding factor was I could TRANSFORM INTO ANIMALS!!!

So I rolled a druid, woo-hoo!!!

My first night, Tyler was online with me helping me out, and convinced me to bring my druid from Teldrassil to Stormwind. “WTF Stormwind? Eh… okay?” He got a mage buddy of his to port me… and when I get there, I’m running around like “Ooooh…. Ahh…. It’s sooo. Pretty!” I run to the outside gates, and I see people dying everywhere and I’m like “OMG DON’T KILL ME I JUST MADE HER!!”

Tyler thought it would be hilarious to bring me to Stormwind in the middle of a raid. So I ran… I ran far far away, getting killed by monsters left and right. I didn’t know what my abilities were, or how they functioned, I was a total idiot. And that lasted till I was probably about 60+ and realized how much of an idiot I was for leveling resto.

Yeah… I’m a dork.

It took me over a year to even be considered competent enough to fully understand the gaming aspects for my group of RL friends to accept me as an actual WoW player.

So tell me… what were your first baby nubcake moments in WoW?

There is no doubt that in all aspects of life, you have assholes, and you have bitches. Even you, who is reading this, cannot deny that at some point, you’ve been an asshole or a bitch, hell… perhaps even multiple times if not everyday. Some people relish in their glory of other peoples’ pain and misery. Others are only cruel when provoked after an incident that acts as the straw that broke the camel’s back. But none the less… we’ve all been there.

Well… today I’m going to briefly tap the Bitch Hat on in. I promise… it’s only brief.

/Bitch Hat On

Last night after running some errands after OT at work, I logged on to play around on my druid for a bit. For some reason, something told me to check the logs for the guild. I don’t know why, but I suppose something nagging me in the back of my mind was praying that a good chunk of people had left from the guild that merged with us.

Lo’ and behold…

I open the logs, and due to the incident that I had instigated in vent, it ended with a very anti-climatic Gquit of the guild that merged with us.

Now I sit and think to myself… “Hahahaha… okay, now seeing as that problem is taken care of…”

Yes. I was a bitch about the situation. Personally, as I had put before in my previous post in a more kinder and subtle way, the warrior that took the shield was a greedy bastard, end of story. You don’t agree because he ‘won the roll’, well that’s probably because you’re in the same boat as him winning a roll on some phat lootz that you didn’t want to give up because it was shiny and purple, whatev.

Anyway, upon further conversation with officers and guildies regarding the situation, their departure wasn’t really much of a hindrance. The group who had merged with us obviously did not hold our same concerns and values as the current vets in the guild. They really had no big concern with progression as we do, and they were more concerned about the benefit of themselves over the guild.

Most never even signed up for raids, the others who did were bottoming out on charts and certainly not pulling their weight. Some would come without enchants or gems in their gear, and others were trying to pass over justifying blues in Ulduar 25… you can’t justify a blue in Ulduar 25.

But, back to the point.

That group of people leaving the guild because of the loot issue was really a blessing in disguise. We were able to weed out those who were abusing us as a casual progression guild out of their own greed, and when they were called on their bluff, they quickly put their tails between their legs and went their own way.

With that said and done, we plan on resuming our role as a 10 man progression because 25 mans are still way out of the question. Sure, we hope on eventually finding more members, raiders who share our same compassion for the game and for one another as friends. While yes, we want to see end game content at some point in time, we also are all close as friends.

/Bitch Hat Off

Okay, so maybe that was longer than expected, but it’s a relief none the less and that should be the last you hear of the scenario.

In other news;

Mikata loves Italian Food. She is going to Olive Garden for lunch, yaaaay!!

Mikata was also girly last night, like she does only once in a blue moon, and spoiled herself yesterday getting her hair and nails done.

Mikata also needs to remember to get a game card because her time expires tomorrow. >_> (I don’t like using my CC for a sub because in the past 2 years I’ve had to replace my card like 6 times.)

Mikata is listening to 36 Crazyfists while working and typing up her blog.

Mikata would like to say that the creepy guy who sits 4 seats down from her dressed in all black looks scary and is giving off a homicidal maniac vibe… and she’s nervous he is between her and the door.

Mikata notices she has a tendency to chew gum on both sides of her mouth simultaniously.

Finally, Mikata would like to give everyone a /hug because she’s in a good mood today. ♥♥♥


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