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Woot, it’s 12-something AM, I haven’t posted in like… ages… and suddenly something hits me as I sit in my livingroom on my couch because I can’t sleep for some god-forsaken reason.

I wonder what my guildies were like back in highschool… like… what stereotype would they fall under?

So here’s what stereotypes I believe a few of my guildies would’ve fallen under.

Starting at the top of the list is Mach.
Guild Master, cool guy. His job takes a special kind of person what I sometimes don’t believe even he is qualified to do. He puts up with his own shit, then my shit, then the guilds shit… lawl.

Sad thing is, he told me what he was like in highschool, so as much as he doens’t count, he was the geeky kid who was into games and anime, has a small group of friends, a bit of a slacker, reletively anti-social out of a virtual environment, mature for his age, and tried his hand at being a badass but failed miserably. What do we call this?

The Dork.

Second in line, Zoja
Mr. Cranky Tank as we known him so lovingly by, he is our progression raid leader. Cool guy… when he wants to be. He makes his own job hard by himself, let alone the other 24 people helping.

My impression of our wonderful raid leader in highschool is that big scary kid who was bigger, taller, and more intimidating than your parents. He basically just had to look down at you and your measly little 5’5″, and you’d piss yourself a little. But if you knew him, you’d know that he talks too much, and likes being the center of attention. A bit of a short temper, but inside a big fuzzy bear. Better known as…

That One Guy

On to Atrpous
Secondarly Raid Leader, back up support, meat shield number two. Andy is the back up dependent when Zoja isn’t around.

Atropus is… unique… to say the least. (<3) He’s the kind of kid that looks like he’s gonna bust out a sawed off shot-gun and start blowing heads. But don’t be fooled, because he’s about as harmful as a baby bunny(withrabies*cough*) At times he’s quiet, and then get him going and he’s like the fucking juggernaut… going on and on and on and on and on and on and… you get it. He likes to talk. But when the subject is over… it’s like someone gagged him. Kinda weird, and a little loud, even though he doens’t mean to be, he’s a good guy all around… you just have to get past that homicidal maniac look first. I give you…

The Weirdo.

I’ll have fun with this one, Hunt

Don’t… really know what he’s for. He was originally SUPPOSED to lead back up raids for under geared guildies… but he’s just kinda… there now.
Hunt is simply put… like that annoying little brother you wish your parents never had that drunken night in vegas. He’s smart, too smart for his own damn good, book smart… but no common sense what-so-ever. Doesn’t think before he speaks, and often gets his own ass into trouble, without anyone helping. He tries to make up for it by being a smart ass, but fails… over and over again. Boy needs to stick to be books because he’s…

The Socially Inept Kid.

I’ve been saving the best two for last, hehehehehehehe…. *evil grin*

Because I couldn’t decide who to actually be last last… I flipped a coin and up next is KyKy.
Ky is the glue that holds all of the officers’ sanity together. He’s the guy we go to when we need to ask for help, advice, etc in or out of the game. He’s had previous officer experiences, and being a but older and wiser, he tends to… you know… know more than us kiddies.

Granted, I’ve never met Ky in person. Seems like a really cool guy though through the interwebs. Ky is like that cool, laid back kid who gets along with like… everyone. He’s a people person. He’s not too competetive, not greedy, he’s a good guy. Helps when he can, more than what he should, sometimes, and rarely asks for anything in return. Granted… at times I believe he could feel no remorse in blowing up a hospital, I still think he’s generally…

The Nice Guy

Last but certainly not least, Amber
Our lovely recruiting officer, big sister, and slave driver, Amber is the one who herds all the little kitties we know as new recruits, and directs them on what to do, and how to do it in regards to policies and procedures in BoO.  Not to mention… she’s like the only one who can keep Mr. Cranky Tank in check.

Lawl, don’t eat me Amber or poison my food tomorrow. Amber is like a big sister to the guild… sometimes now in a good way. Sure she can be that cool big sis that looks out for you, or somethings that evil big sis who laughs as her giant foot of GKICK comes crashing down on you. Slightly tempermental like her squeeze, she’s a cookie. She’s smart… but a smart ass. Sometimes taken the wrong way, she’s not a snob or anything of such; as she likes to say, she holds people to the same standards that she holds herself. A.K.A.

The Social Elitist

Stay tuned for Part Two!!


Not a long post today, work has me swamped for once and my supervisor is breathing down my neck.

The Good- I had quite a busy weekend. My trip to Chicago was amazing, I had a blast. I met some great people and saw some awesome places, I’m really looking forward to moving there in a month after I sort out my life here in Florida.

The Bad- I found out last night that I have the worst luck in the game. I’m not going to go into QQ details, but when I see myself investing so much time and effort into something, be it my druid or my shaman, I can’t seem to beat the Loot Table and RNG bosses. If anyone knows a strat… please… shoot it my way.

The Worst- I’m going to be taking an extended break from my shaman after tonight. I’m going to try to run a Naxx 25 on her, but if things go as they’ve been, I’m going to be parking her in Dal and letting her time run out. She’s been nothing but a headache and a frustration ever since she hit 80.

It’s hard to over-look some things, and when you try to put forth as much effort as you can and notice you’re only bashing your head against a brick wall for hours and hours on end, it’s disheartening to say the least.

That’s my weekend recap.

Now, for random Mika facts!

Mika was actually born in Alabama.

Mika has only lived in Alabama, Texas, and Florida… soon to add Illinois to the list!

Mika loves Basshunter.

Mika is craving white chocolate… like… really bad.

Mika is an avid car enthusiast, and one day plans on owning a Mitsu Evo IX MR.

Mika played soccer for 8 years, and played the flute for just as long.

Mika was in her high school band, on the dance line and flag core for fall, and concert band flute for spring.

Finally, Mika hates Tinker Bell, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry.

Mikata, today, is in la-la land. She can’t focus for more than 5 minutes on a specific task, even writing a post. I started a Freya strat… scrapped it. Went to a Mimiron strat… scrapped it. Tried a QQ post about how bad Amber is as a Disc priest… scrapped it.

I’m in la-la land because tomorrow I fly out to Chicago to see people I’ve met on the interwebs.


Save me the sob stories of kid nappings, or how irrational I’m being… I’ve heard it all before. I don’t care. Don’t take this the wrong way Amber… I swear, but… I actually trust these weird people I’ve met on the interwebs. I trust them enough to call them my friends, to pay 300 bucks to fly up and visit, and at the end of this month, to move in with or live next to.

I enjoy the company of them all, even if Amber is out to kill me when I make fun of her boob size.

But Mikata has never flown before… and while she has no doubts or worries about the trip itself, the thought of flying terrifies her. And flying for the first time… alone? Scares the living shit out of her.

So I regret to inform you all, but this will be the last post until I return on Tuesday. Friday I will be packing and making sure everything is together, flying, and spending the weekend with my interwebs friends. (And hopefully Amber doesn’t give me a concussion with her pillows.)

I was sitting at my desk at work, and I had started typing up this lovely little raid healing guide for resto trees. Spec, Gear, abilities, situations, oh it was going to be lovely. But then I realized that ‘Hey… work doesn’t let me access like half the shit I need in order to make references or to do detailed research of different talent notes or ability notes.’ So… I was faced with the decision to scrap it and save it till I got home, and look for something else to blog about… or just BS and look stupid with a half-assed healing guide.

I chose to save it and wait. ^-^

So as I sat in my cubicle… staring at a loan account waiting to be processed because some dumb ass doesn’t know how to type in their driver’s license state, it dawned on me.

We were all little baby nubcakes and one point in time, I sure do remember I was!

Here’s my story of how and why I first started playing the game:

It was August of 2007. I was currently working at a local Japanese restaurant as a waitress serving sushi to snobby patrons at a hibachi grill who were commenting about my kimono I spent 200.00 on. (It’s really pretty, I’ll have to show you all one day.) I finish serving the food and I go back into the back room with my coworkers.

Now I wasn’t aware of this, but out of about the 25-30 people who worked there, 5 people actually played WoW. One of them, a real close friend of mine named Tyler who plays Doriany and Shinjinku on my server US-Azgalor. When I sit down, they were all chit-chatting about something or another, and I just sat and listened. I had no clue what they were talking about, but they were really REALLY into the conversation.

At one point Tyler looked at me and said, “You should start playing.” I kinda laughed, looked at him like he was crazy, and asked why. “Um… because I play, duh!” We all laughed, and I just shook my head. “I dunno… seems kinda dorky.” (Little did he know then, or even still knows now… I’m more of a dork than people realize). He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“If you make a hundred bucks in tips tonight, you have to go buy it.” I rolled my eyes, laughed, and said fine, whatever.

So a few hours later that night I was standing in line with vanilla WoW and BC in my hands and my 120 bucks I made in tips that night. (Which is really good considering waitresses only got half of their tips) and I went home to install the game.

Looking through the different classes, I was trying to decide what I wanted to role. I knew I wanted to be an Elf, but since all my friends were alliance, I couldn’t be the blood elf warlock I wanted to be, so I had to be a Night Elf. The hard part… do I wanted to be a hunter or a druid?

I knew nothing about either class. The only deciding factor was I could TRANSFORM INTO ANIMALS!!!

So I rolled a druid, woo-hoo!!!

My first night, Tyler was online with me helping me out, and convinced me to bring my druid from Teldrassil to Stormwind. “WTF Stormwind? Eh… okay?” He got a mage buddy of his to port me… and when I get there, I’m running around like “Ooooh…. Ahh…. It’s sooo. Pretty!” I run to the outside gates, and I see people dying everywhere and I’m like “OMG DON’T KILL ME I JUST MADE HER!!”

Tyler thought it would be hilarious to bring me to Stormwind in the middle of a raid. So I ran… I ran far far away, getting killed by monsters left and right. I didn’t know what my abilities were, or how they functioned, I was a total idiot. And that lasted till I was probably about 60+ and realized how much of an idiot I was for leveling resto.

Yeah… I’m a dork.

It took me over a year to even be considered competent enough to fully understand the gaming aspects for my group of RL friends to accept me as an actual WoW player.

So tell me… what were your first baby nubcake moments in WoW?

I work for a major student loan company, and seeing as a new school semester is about to start, we’re in the middle of our peak season. Because of the high volume in my processing department, we’ve been required to work some overtime.
18 hours of overtime a week to be exact.
Alright… alright… no biggie.

Let me give you insight on what I ACTUALLY do at my job.

*Process Account
*Browse blogs
*Browse forums
*Reply to threads
*Start typing up a blog post
*Work an account
*Read the 5,729 chain emails I get throughout the day
*Go read more blogs
*Read more blogs
*Read more forums
*Process and account
*Rinse and repeat

I still meet my quota requirements, no problem, but I certainly don’t mind doing 36 hours of OT in the next two weeks. =3 I should have like half a million blogs on my blogroll that I love reading from a day to day basis…. But…. I’m kinda lazy.

In other news

Tonight we will be steamrolling (hopefully) a Naxx 25 tonight. (Hell, by the looks of the sign-ups we might as well do a Ulduar 10), but if we do manage to get 25 people against their will into Naxx, I am going to beg, and plead, for people to at least TRY to focus. Yes, we’ve ran it 15,468,971,255 times, I could run Naxx asleep in a coma and not die, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to half-ass my way through it.

Amber, darling, you mean the world to me, and I don’t want to overstep any boundaries, but I am most certainly willing to become Queen Bitch of raid runs and punish stupidity by openly making it known how big of a moron they’re being if things get out of hand in your runs.

It can be like good cop-bad cop…. Without the good cop. =D

But, I can promise one thing, after tonight, I will certainly have 1 of 2 things. A post full of OMGOMGYAY, or a post ful of QQWTFDIAF for tomorrow. (Maybe I can finally get the elusive Grim Toll I’ve lost 11 times now)

I hate working… especially when I have to actually work and I can’t spend my time surfing blogs.

I especially hate when I have to work on spreadsheets while I’m working.

What’s even worst…

I hate working spreadsheets while stressed about having to work while working because of issues outside of work.

Man… I hate work.

Thanks to Amber -inspirational blogger, leet healz officer, and good friend of mine- she brought me to the dark side to test my hand on an RP server. I’ve never fiddled with in-game roleplaying before, so I decided to roll with it and give it a shot. It’ll certainly be different and unusual to me.

Now, in no way am I bashing roleplaying saying that it’s going to take some time to grow on me, it’ll simply be different because it’s a forgein way of roleplaying for me. My roleplaying experiences have extended well close to 7 years via different communication methods. (i.e. AIM, YIM, E-Mail, Forums, Blogs, Chat Hosts, etc.) Simply text roleplaying, but nothing like having an actual avatar you had to control.

The concept of the emotes and occ in the game on different chat channels is still fairly difficult for me to grasp, it’s not as simple as putting your OoC chatter in another post.

I started off with a baby druid, Sylvya. My love of the druid would actually permit me to level another one from scratch. But… also because I’m broke on that server Wyrmrest Accord, and have the attention span and patience of a goldfish, I also rolled a DK on the server named Reikyva. Both are Nelfs simply because I can hardly tolerate any other female class with a high pitched giggle or retarded emotes like the human dance.

Besides, who doesn’t like hearing “Of course I’ve got exotic piercings” when someone /flirts?


My first in game experience I got a big slap on the wrist when I proceeded to yell at Amber with a “STFU!” and she promtly nom’d my face and told me that chatspeak doesn’t exist in character when in fact the statement was actually meant for OoC.


Anyway, I was just kinda curious if anyone might have any hints or tips for an up and coming roleplay nubcake like me making the transition from text style roleplay to in-game roleplay?

Yesterday was…. well let’s just say it wasn’t the best of days for me. I realized that I’m going to need more money than expected for my tanking spec, I need to make time to run Naxx 25 as an OT, I also foundout that, after reading the patch, I’ve grown into the mindstate of less of a HoT druid and more of a nourish druid…. without changing my spec and taking the improved nourish talent.


So I’m in Ulduar 25 last night, and we found out first hand, after multiple warnings from the blog browsers on the guild, that XT was borked, and failed miserably.

….. yeah…..

I want emotional compensation from the stress that damn fight put us healers through.


….. yeah…..

After a few tired we decided to call it a night. (At this point I was still oblivious to the fact that I didn’t have the improved talent and I was scratching my head as to why my healing was so low.) So we decide to chain heroics. Steve, Amber, Harry, and Josh all gang up and head out on an epic adventure to take on as many heroic runs we can in two hours. >.>

H UP first…. start from the east and work our way west, no problem.

So we get to the first boss…

lol resto druid sucks

The ENTIRE group managed to wipe on the first boss for many reasons…



3.) “Uh guys…. I just realized my healing is low because I don’t have emproved nourish in my talents…”

Needless to say… I was the one to blame. But… we still managed to down the ugly bitch…. because Steve’s awesomeness managed to take her down 20% on his own, surviving with 30% of his health and enough mana to rez like…. 1 person. And looking at the damage meters…. it wasn’t pretty. Mach was prot…. everyone died…

Sad sad day.

Needless to say, tonight I will be respecing to get that additional 20% healing to my nourish, so hopefully we won’t be having the problem again. Tonight I’m probably going to try to find a Naxx 25 run to OT if I don’t get pulled into more heroics.

As of yesterday, Patch 3.2 was live and ready for download in all of it’s bittersweet glory. People were scrambling for DK respec ideas, hording the new JC patterns, frantically trying to get as many epic gems as possible, struggling to conquer the new instance, and amongst all this, we experienced server lag almost in comparison to when Ulduar was released. So now for the fun part…

What did I think of 3.2?

The Pros:

All around I’m pleased with the numerous features that were released with the patch. The new epic gems and JC patters are AMAZING. It was rather amusing listening to the JCs of my guild try and colaberate who was getting what gem to spend the least amount of tokens as possible to be able to cut as wide a variety as possible for progression.

As for the new instance, I grouped with Mach, Atropus (DK), Harry(Lock), and Sheala(DK). 3 Melee and 2 ranged… not fun. Our first time around we decided it would be a good idea to do it on regular mode before heroic to get a feel for the instance. (Taking it one step at a time.) First time in, we kinda had a brief rundown by Josh and Amber on how the pulls went. Jousting, then ground pulls, then the Black Knight. Didn’t seem too hard?

Jousting wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it would be, just your typical run of the mill with 4 other people on horse-back killing shit. The only problem we encountered was the NPCs occationally would bug out and wouldn’t dismount when knocked off, and pretty much ran us out of the arena. Luckily, the bosses were waiting for us when we got back and we didn’t have to restart.

After that the mobs for the big pally fucker were like punching a baby… too easy. I was kinda disappointed in the blind effect he does (yes, I intentionally looked just to see what would happen) and it lasted for all of 2 seconds, in which in regular, isn’t bad at all. The fun part came to the Black Knight. Three phases, no biggie right?


Little did our melee know that ghouls go ‘SPLODY!! And inadvertenly caused us to wipe, not once, but twice. Hey… I’m a HoT druid… with 1 AoE heal on a 3 min CD, and 1 AoE heal on a 6 sec CD…. I CAN’T HEAL ALL THAT DAMAGE!! After that, we downed him, and got epic loots. The Black Heart dropped and I won it for an offspec, but since I was running with two of the progression tanks, I had to resentfully give it up to Atropus, WHO WANTED TO BITCH ABOUT TAKING IT FROM ME AFTER BITCHING ABOUT ME TAKING IT FROM HIM!!!! aludfha;skjhga;dfg

After pwning the instance on regular, we went and owned face, a little wiser, on heroic, which seemed just as easy. After both runs, I walked out with two pieces of feral gear, a pair of gloves and bracers, that’ll significantly help with my tanking set.

I was so busy last night running instances for emblems that I didn’t get a chance to really play around on my shaman. I managed to organize her new totem bar, but that was about the extent of it. Today before Ulduar I plan on getting on her for a bit to play around with her resto spec. I’ll be able to get back to you on her awesome leet OP healing tomorrow.

And now…

The Cons:

Nothing bugs me more than when my 132,000 addons all decide to bug out at once after a patch because there’s no update for them, and then this LUA Error Message box lists all 5,471 error messages that I’m experiencing. Instead of fiddling with it that very moment, I was being rushed to hurry into the new instance, so I said fuck it and disabled all of them.

I never realized before how odd the default UI looked.

I was so confused, didn’t know where all my heals were, it was chaos. I know it’s going to need to be fixed by tonight for the raid.

On top of that, the kitty nerfs did hit me pretty hard, so I decided that instead of having to look at the decrease in my numbers, I threw out 35g and respec’d to a tank spec… which I screwed up and have to go back and redo. /sigh.

This patch is still going to take some getting used to, but in all it’s starting to grow on me.


80 RestoKitty
US-Azgalor (PvP)

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