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Are you new to the game and looking for friends? Did you server transfer looking for a better end game raiding guild? I bet you and a group of friends are looking for that perfect glove fit in a guild that suits your needs? Well this is Mikata’s guide of what to do when looking for a guild to after joining a guild and becoming familiar with your new family. Welcome to Socializing 101: Joining a guild.

Looking for a Guild

Whether you’re new to the game, a fresh 80, or a spanking new server transfer, the aspects when looking for a guild is all the same. The only difference is the criteria in said guild that you’re looking for. Are you looking for a casual RP guild? Maybe a PvP guild? Social guild? End content hardcore raiding guild? This is the first thing you need to ask yourself is what exactly you’re looking for.

Other things include:
Do I want to be casual or hardcore?
Am I looking for a specific type of loot system?
Will I enjoy a specific planned RP event?
What about pug or member policies for runs?

But what defines ‘Casual’ from ‘Hardcore’?

There is a very VERY thin line that separates a casual player from a hardcore player. The best way to clarify which category you fall under is to look at the schedule the guild is running that you are interested in joining.

You decide what is too casual or hardcore for you. If a group is only running 2 days a week and you want to do 4, then they’re too casual for you. If another group is running 7 days a week but you still only want to do 4, then they’re too hardcore for you. Don’t bend yourself and commit to something you know you won’t be satisfied with.

Once you find the specific type of guild you want, do research on different guilds on your server. Browse through forums, blogs, and even ask around in game. 90% of the time, if you see someone in a particular guild you’re interested in just standing around, they wouldn’t mind answering a few questions regarding where to find a guild website, or to point you in the right direction of an officer who you can speak further with.

Be sure to get all your fact straight and evaluate what would best suit your needs before making a commitment.

Applying and Interviewing

Depending on the type of guild, most have an application and interview process to ensure a few things.

1.) You have a broad understanding of the guild and its policies.
2.) You understand and can commit to raid/RP event dates.
3.) You are competent regarding your class and spec
4.) If you have any experience regarding raids and end game content
5.) That you’re not a total and complete asshole.

To avoid looking like a jackass, this is why you need to do your research and know about the guild you’re applying to. When you make this commitment to join a guild, the GM, officers, and other members are putting their faith and trust in you, a complete stranger, to be honest and trustworthy to uphold their policies and reputation, to sport that flashy family title under your name.

Important Note:

Do not make a commitment you know you cannot uphold. If you are applying to a guild that raids 6 days out of the week and are doing t9 content, but you know that you can only free up 3 days of your week for raiding, this not only hinders the guild, but more greatly yourself. If you know you can’t commit to those raid days, then that’s a spot that the guild is still going to have to fill. More than likely on the days you can raid will be continuations, and the guild will only take those who can make that full commitment.

You never catch up to the guild content, and you will still wind up pugging the rest of your runs until you realize that this guild wasn’t right for you, and then you have to start the whole process over again.

”You have been invited to join the guild…”

Congratulations, you’ve successfully found a guild that you know you can commit to. They raid/RP the same days you do, they’re working the same content you can, they follow a loot system you agree with, they have policies you can support, hey… they shoe fits, right? Well that was the easy part.


Yup, all of this was the easy part, now you get to the harder, longer, more complicated process.

You’ve joined the guild, all fun and dandy. Now you have to mingle.

The hardest part of the process in joining a guild is making friends and mingling with the rest of the members. Some people in a guild will be outgoing and friendly. They’ll say hello and welcome you, but the responsibility of becoming a ‘guildie’ is your job, not the guild’s. You are the one that has to make an effort in being social.

When you log on, say hello in Gchat or OoC chat. If there’s a ventrilo server, log in and jump into a channel, say hey to everyone and ask about their day. Don’t isolate yourself. This is the most common case of member’s who quit guilds because they don’t feel ‘welcome’. Well it’s hard to ‘welcome’ someone who doesn’t want to be ‘welcomed’.

If you show an interest in getting to know your new guild mates, they will show the same general interest in getting to know you. Break the ice, crack a joke, tell them a funny scrubalicious moment you’ve done recently, after the first few minutes, everyone will start warming up to one another and everything will resume as normal laughing and joking.

You’ll eventually see a change, instead of you saying hey first, they will say hello to you when you log on, they’ll ask you to run with them, and then you know you’ve completely completed the process of joining a guild. So go forth, be fruitful, be happy… and remember, an MMO is about socializing… or else you’d be playing an RPG.



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