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There is no doubt that in all aspects of life, you have assholes, and you have bitches. Even you, who is reading this, cannot deny that at some point, you’ve been an asshole or a bitch, hell… perhaps even multiple times if not everyday. Some people relish in their glory of other peoples’ pain and misery. Others are only cruel when provoked after an incident that acts as the straw that broke the camel’s back. But none the less… we’ve all been there.

Well… today I’m going to briefly tap the Bitch Hat on in. I promise… it’s only brief.

/Bitch Hat On

Last night after running some errands after OT at work, I logged on to play around on my druid for a bit. For some reason, something told me to check the logs for the guild. I don’t know why, but I suppose something nagging me in the back of my mind was praying that a good chunk of people had left from the guild that merged with us.

Lo’ and behold…

I open the logs, and due to the incident that I had instigated in vent, it ended with a very anti-climatic Gquit of the guild that merged with us.

Now I sit and think to myself… “Hahahaha… okay, now seeing as that problem is taken care of…”

Yes. I was a bitch about the situation. Personally, as I had put before in my previous post in a more kinder and subtle way, the warrior that took the shield was a greedy bastard, end of story. You don’t agree because he ‘won the roll’, well that’s probably because you’re in the same boat as him winning a roll on some phat lootz that you didn’t want to give up because it was shiny and purple, whatev.

Anyway, upon further conversation with officers and guildies regarding the situation, their departure wasn’t really much of a hindrance. The group who had merged with us obviously did not hold our same concerns and values as the current vets in the guild. They really had no big concern with progression as we do, and they were more concerned about the benefit of themselves over the guild.

Most never even signed up for raids, the others who did were bottoming out on charts and certainly not pulling their weight. Some would come without enchants or gems in their gear, and others were trying to pass over justifying blues in Ulduar 25… you can’t justify a blue in Ulduar 25.

But, back to the point.

That group of people leaving the guild because of the loot issue was really a blessing in disguise. We were able to weed out those who were abusing us as a casual progression guild out of their own greed, and when they were called on their bluff, they quickly put their tails between their legs and went their own way.

With that said and done, we plan on resuming our role as a 10 man progression because 25 mans are still way out of the question. Sure, we hope on eventually finding more members, raiders who share our same compassion for the game and for one another as friends. While yes, we want to see end game content at some point in time, we also are all close as friends.

/Bitch Hat Off

Okay, so maybe that was longer than expected, but it’s a relief none the less and that should be the last you hear of the scenario.

In other news;

Mikata loves Italian Food. She is going to Olive Garden for lunch, yaaaay!!

Mikata was also girly last night, like she does only once in a blue moon, and spoiled herself yesterday getting her hair and nails done.

Mikata also needs to remember to get a game card because her time expires tomorrow. >_> (I don’t like using my CC for a sub because in the past 2 years I’ve had to replace my card like 6 times.)

Mikata is listening to 36 Crazyfists while working and typing up her blog.

Mikata would like to say that the creepy guy who sits 4 seats down from her dressed in all black looks scary and is giving off a homicidal maniac vibe… and she’s nervous he is between her and the door.

Mikata notices she has a tendency to chew gum on both sides of her mouth simultaniously.

Finally, Mikata would like to give everyone a /hug because she’s in a good mood today. ♥♥♥


Last night BoO went in and finished up the Naxx 25 we had started on Thursday. For the most part it went fairly smoothly, but it took us about 3 ½ hours to finish clearing the last three wings before Sapph and KT.

Now I could go on about the 9 healers we had during Sapph’s fight, or the fact that we wiped in Gothik because the undead side all died due to lack of heals and some DPS… but a bigger issue was raised at the end of the night.

During most of these farm raids, or any lesser than progression raid, I take on the responsibility of being loot master because 1. not a lot of people are up to the responsibility and the constant qq over gear, and 2. I don’t mind taking some stress off the officers who are leading the raid.

There have only been two or three occasions I can remember mislooting something to someone, but thank god for being able to trade it to trade it to eligible raiders now. But a question was raised at the end of the night due to a certain scene that went out of hand over the shield that KT dropped.

Now, this is a very controversial subject in my guild right now.

One of the warrior in the run was running as a DPS spec, but he did inform me his main spec was prot, so he would be rolling for prot gear.

Alright, no problem.

What was the problem is that at the end of the night, the shield off KT dropped.

Before said warrior joined the group (because he came in halfway through), the shield, if it were to drop, was going to be defaulted to Mach because he needed it as an upgrade. Mach is the GM and the progression MT. So an upgrade for him makes things easier for the rest of us for progression raids.

Remembering this as I got to the shield, I received a tell reminding me that said warrior was rolling for prot gear so I would remember when he rolled.

I was now obligated to post the shield for rolls to be fair.

Mach lost the roll. The events that ensued were not pleasant.

I tried reasoning with the warrior telling him it was the guild progression MT who needed it. But he literally proceeded to QQ because he won the roll.

Now, some of you are thinking. “Well if he won the roll he won the roll… shit happens, it’s a game.”

But others are thinking “Well… and upgrade for him makes it easier for healers to keep him alive during progression which makes it easier to also focus on keeping DPS alive while the upgrade in gear also helps Tank threat output so DPS doesn’t pull, etc”… a domino effect.

Steve, as subtly as he could, promptly left the raid, logged, and went to smoke. The friends of said warrior then began to laugh at the situation, and began to crack jokes regarding Mach’s reaction.

This is my boyfriend you’re talking about. I then proceeded to open my big mouth.

I told them they needed to look at things from his perspective. The GM who puts all of his time and effort into helping the guild and it’s members. Bending over backwards to cater to their needs, gets shit on my a new recruit who hardly even raids. Steve has spent 6-8 hours a week in Naxx 25, trying to get that shield for months… that’s literally DAYS of his life spent for nothing.

Someone then decided to speak out against me and state that if he saw it as a waste then he’s a greedy GM. (not exact words but close)

It was then that all hell broke loose in vent. Old members and officers against the new recruits who just did not understand. Said recruit who spoke out against me then stated that he could understand why Mach was so angry because he too put forth a lot of effort to help guildies, but Steve was being ridiculous over a game.

The argument ended when Blacklion promptly informed said recruit that he was NOTHING like Mach and no where near committed like our GM. The recruit then left.

The issue had turned from a low recruit getting loot over the progression MT, to the guild defending thier GM reputation that I had seemed to soil now. Something I’m going to regret doing and desperately try to repent for.

So how do you draw the line between deserving loot and whoring loot?

A GM lost a huge upgrade, one of the best shield in the game, a GM who is our 25 man Ulduar MT, a GM who puts forth all his time and effort into the guild cutting gems for those who need it, keeping the gbank filled and organized with herbs, flasks, food, catering to the members and their needs, trying to please EVERYONE because he’s trying to be a good GM.

But the new recruit warrior who doesn’t even raid won the roll.

You decide.


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