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As of yesterday, Patch 3.2 was live and ready for download in all of it’s bittersweet glory. People were scrambling for DK respec ideas, hording the new JC patterns, frantically trying to get as many epic gems as possible, struggling to conquer the new instance, and amongst all this, we experienced server lag almost in comparison to when Ulduar was released. So now for the fun part…

What did I think of 3.2?

The Pros:

All around I’m pleased with the numerous features that were released with the patch. The new epic gems and JC patters are AMAZING. It was rather amusing listening to the JCs of my guild try and colaberate who was getting what gem to spend the least amount of tokens as possible to be able to cut as wide a variety as possible for progression.

As for the new instance, I grouped with Mach, Atropus (DK), Harry(Lock), and Sheala(DK). 3 Melee and 2 ranged… not fun. Our first time around we decided it would be a good idea to do it on regular mode before heroic to get a feel for the instance. (Taking it one step at a time.) First time in, we kinda had a brief rundown by Josh and Amber on how the pulls went. Jousting, then ground pulls, then the Black Knight. Didn’t seem too hard?

Jousting wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it would be, just your typical run of the mill with 4 other people on horse-back killing shit. The only problem we encountered was the NPCs occationally would bug out and wouldn’t dismount when knocked off, and pretty much ran us out of the arena. Luckily, the bosses were waiting for us when we got back and we didn’t have to restart.

After that the mobs for the big pally fucker were like punching a baby… too easy. I was kinda disappointed in the blind effect he does (yes, I intentionally looked just to see what would happen) and it lasted for all of 2 seconds, in which in regular, isn’t bad at all. The fun part came to the Black Knight. Three phases, no biggie right?


Little did our melee know that ghouls go ‘SPLODY!! And inadvertenly caused us to wipe, not once, but twice. Hey… I’m a HoT druid… with 1 AoE heal on a 3 min CD, and 1 AoE heal on a 6 sec CD…. I CAN’T HEAL ALL THAT DAMAGE!! After that, we downed him, and got epic loots. The Black Heart dropped and I won it for an offspec, but since I was running with two of the progression tanks, I had to resentfully give it up to Atropus, WHO WANTED TO BITCH ABOUT TAKING IT FROM ME AFTER BITCHING ABOUT ME TAKING IT FROM HIM!!!! aludfha;skjhga;dfg

After pwning the instance on regular, we went and owned face, a little wiser, on heroic, which seemed just as easy. After both runs, I walked out with two pieces of feral gear, a pair of gloves and bracers, that’ll significantly help with my tanking set.

I was so busy last night running instances for emblems that I didn’t get a chance to really play around on my shaman. I managed to organize her new totem bar, but that was about the extent of it. Today before Ulduar I plan on getting on her for a bit to play around with her resto spec. I’ll be able to get back to you on her awesome leet OP healing tomorrow.

And now…

The Cons:

Nothing bugs me more than when my 132,000 addons all decide to bug out at once after a patch because there’s no update for them, and then this LUA Error Message box lists all 5,471 error messages that I’m experiencing. Instead of fiddling with it that very moment, I was being rushed to hurry into the new instance, so I said fuck it and disabled all of them.

I never realized before how odd the default UI looked.

I was so confused, didn’t know where all my heals were, it was chaos. I know it’s going to need to be fixed by tonight for the raid.

On top of that, the kitty nerfs did hit me pretty hard, so I decided that instead of having to look at the decrease in my numbers, I threw out 35g and respec’d to a tank spec… which I screwed up and have to go back and redo. /sigh.

This patch is still going to take some getting used to, but in all it’s starting to grow on me.


It never fails, when patch day hits, everyone questions one or two changes made to thier class. “Should I change my spec this way, up my rotation that way, etc.” Blizzard likes to keep us on our toes by constantly making changes to a talent or a commenly used ability that a lot of people love to spam, to make us think outside the box, change things up a bit, and adapt to keep the game interesting… or at least that’s what I hope they’re doing. >.>

Well, when I first saw the patch notes and what they’re doing to kittys, I almost resorted to my little dark corner to cry and /wrists a few times. My days of topping meters were going to be put in the dark… but that’s what happens where you’re a hybrid able to out DPS a pure class. So I basically should’ve seen it coming.

Now, from some people I’ve talked to, the nerfs won’t be making a SEVERE impact, just kinda shaving the top of our DPS to level us out a bit. I guess that is to be determined after a bit of play time to test what my kitty is now capable of. But at least I have one thing to look forward too.


Yup, running around as a little white albino kitty is going to be adorable. The bear will be, meh… but not as good. Never the less, I might as well get used to it since I’m looking at tanking as a viable option now.

I’m really excited for the new instances. I looooove exploring new content, even if it does cost a high amount of repair bills. But the way I see it, the shiny new purples in the end make it all worth it… even if the shiny new purples end up costing a lot of money too.

As for my shaman, I’m all around mostly pleased with the shaman changes. I LOVE the new totem feature, and I’m glad I don’t have to spend half an hour laying out my totems one by one. Mostly, I love the fact that now my inturrupt doesn’t share a cooldown with the shock spells of my rotation, so if I need it, it’s always up!.

And don’t get me started on the healing boosts. Blizz… you might’ve raped my druid, but you loved my shaman!

I’m looking forward to going home and playing on both toons.


80 RestoKitty
US-Azgalor (PvP)

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