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It never ceces to amaze me how blizz finds humor in attempting to fix the balance between pure and hybrids DPS at the players expense, almost like punishing the hybrids for being able to coherently play thier class and out DPS that mage that just spams Frostfire Bolt during a boss encounter. They implicate these changes and nerfs to the hybrid DPS, but faintly leave a light at the end of the tunnel to recover some of that lost DPS… by completely regearing your toon for different stats.

With my current kitty gear, I was wearing a few pieces out of heroics, a few pieces out of Naxx 10, and a few pieces out of Naxx 25… and my guild took me to Ulduar 10 wearing such items. I had no 7.5, only T7, and I still had a reletively low gear level for Ulduar, but I managed. With no ArP on any items other than the T7 helm I wore, I managed to hold my own with about 3.5-4k DPS on bosses. Not too horrible in my opinion considering the circumstances.

Well after 3.2 was released, I spoke with several people, and read on serveral sites regarding the overall DPS drop. I’ve been told, depending on gear level, it was between a 7-12% DPS loss because of the patch. Basically Blizz is try to level out where a DPS hybrid can still hold his own, but wanted to shave the top off so that there was a MINIMAL difference between the hybrid and pure class DPS. (Roughly ~ 5%ish give or take depending on gear and player comprehension)

Well it wasn’t very clear to me how giving druids a 7-12% DPS nerf was going to level out anything, if not only just piss us off, but after speaking with a few other players, there’s a couple of theories running around as to why it was such a significant blow to our DPS.

One therory states that they’re trying to level back out the amount the bears to cats. After the major bear nerf in 3.1, a lot of druid bears stopped tanking and went kitty because of the lapse in health and armor they took because of the patch. Well after so many kitty-konverts came forward, there was a lack of druid tanks, and Blizz is making an attempt to bring back a few of those tanks.

Another theory states that, as they did with warriors, Blizz is trying to push kitties more towards an ArP stack gearing style. My first times running ToC, both of the leather items that dropped for DPS both had a massive amounts of ArP on them. Hypothetically speaking, if enough ArP is stacked, you should be able to regain some of that percential DPS loss with roughly between 25-30% armor ignore.

Eventually I’m going to get around to testing the ArP theory, but in the meantime I’m going to continue getting my tanking gear together first and worry about getting my ArP kitty gear together a little later on the side. Unfortunately, both directions of either tanking or ArP is proving to be quite costworthy, and with Steve constantly asking me to heal for his chain heroic addiction, it’s also proving to be very very difficult to make profit to fund these expenses.



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