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Once again, I must extend my deepest, and most sincerest apologies to you all. Recently, at work, they’ve cracked down and completely blocked all external internet sites, and on top of that, run regular scheduled centerwide scans for any open browser that bypasses the firewall. Seeing as work was my primary place of blogging adventures because typically when I get home, I’m swamped with like… everything… I haven’t had much time, if any, to post anything remotely interesting.

In my folder, I’ve got tons of screenshots, quotes, Socializing 101 ideas, and all around qwirky randomness everyone I know loves and enjoys. I promise I’ll be able to pick it up once again when the insanity in my life starts to die down. But till then, here’s a summary of what you’ve missed.

Mika’s Top 10 This Week:

1. Amber is still a noob.
2. The guild downed Mimiron, Vezax, and got Yogg into phase 2 before we started having problems.
3. I’ve rolled 3 new toons. 2 on the Earthen Ring server, look for Reikyva (58- Nelf DK) or Ryni (5-Nelf Rogue) if your interested for some fun RP, or Sylvyya (5-Belf Rogue) on Cenarion Circle ^_~
4. Reì on Azgalor has been racking achievements left and right and occationally topping charts.
5. My RP blog still isn’t quite finished yet, still putting the final touches on that one too.
6. Thanks to Tharion Greyseer he’s helping me get some reference points to get a possible career in writing off the ground, so I’m looking into that.
7. I’m getting ready for the big move, leaving on October 1st (Yay!)
8. Guild Drama has escalated through the roof because of a particular Hunter who is the single most egotistical, self-centered, rude, arrogant, piece of sixteen year old shit I’ve ever met.
9. Mika finally did ToC 10 man with a pug who one shot everything but faction champtions. (We had no mages, no locks, no hunters… virtually no CC. BURN THE DPS!!)
10. Did I mention Amber is still a noob?

There it is, folks… Mika’s Top 10 You Missed this week.

Disclaimer: I’ll be going into further details in the near future regarding some points… Amber’s failsauce… self-explainitory.

Once again, thank you thank you soooo much for being patient with me, and I’m soooo sorry for slacking. Point and laugh… I’m a scrub, lol.


Not a long post today, work has me swamped for once and my supervisor is breathing down my neck.

The Good- I had quite a busy weekend. My trip to Chicago was amazing, I had a blast. I met some great people and saw some awesome places, I’m really looking forward to moving there in a month after I sort out my life here in Florida.

The Bad- I found out last night that I have the worst luck in the game. I’m not going to go into QQ details, but when I see myself investing so much time and effort into something, be it my druid or my shaman, I can’t seem to beat the Loot Table and RNG bosses. If anyone knows a strat… please… shoot it my way.

The Worst- I’m going to be taking an extended break from my shaman after tonight. I’m going to try to run a Naxx 25 on her, but if things go as they’ve been, I’m going to be parking her in Dal and letting her time run out. She’s been nothing but a headache and a frustration ever since she hit 80.

It’s hard to over-look some things, and when you try to put forth as much effort as you can and notice you’re only bashing your head against a brick wall for hours and hours on end, it’s disheartening to say the least.

That’s my weekend recap.

Now, for random Mika facts!

Mika was actually born in Alabama.

Mika has only lived in Alabama, Texas, and Florida… soon to add Illinois to the list!

Mika loves Basshunter.

Mika is craving white chocolate… like… really bad.

Mika is an avid car enthusiast, and one day plans on owning a Mitsu Evo IX MR.

Mika played soccer for 8 years, and played the flute for just as long.

Mika was in her high school band, on the dance line and flag core for fall, and concert band flute for spring.

Finally, Mika hates Tinker Bell, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry.

For anyone who ever played the old Croc games, you remember when he did his cool little spinney-chuck-norris-wanna-be-roundhouse-kick thing he always said “Ker-Chow!!” That was my favorite, yeah.

Well… this weekend I delivered my own Croc kick to WoW and did a little “Ker-Chow!”… WoW then turned around and Croc Kicked me.

Friday night when I got home from my OT, I sat and looked at my shaman who was sitting at level 78 ½ with a full amount of rested XP till 80. I looked at the clock, and decided that this weekend… she was going to be 80 damnit! So I decided that, for the weekend, Mika was going to be put on stand-by and it was going to be Rei’s weekend.

From about 7-12PM I managed to get her to 79. (It took me a while because I kept having to go AFK for one thing to another. /facepalm.) But before I went to sleep that night, I decided that I was going to get up early, and do nothing all day Saturday until she hit 80.

It was about 9:30 when I started, and by 12 I had gotten halfway. So far so good. By the time I reached 95% I had ran out of quests in Storm Peaks… and I hate Icecrown… so what do I do? It took about 10 minutes of mod butchering in a high spawn area, but I finally got…


by about 4 PM. So what’s the first thing I do?


Finally… she was ready for heroics whoring.

Or so I wished.

I spent all of Saturday night, and all day Sunday dedicating it to my shaman and trying to get her geared, but I have all of 5 purples to show for it. Granted, a little frustrated is definitely the understatement of the situation, but unfortunately I have no control over RNG when I 1. Lose gear, 2. can’t beat the door boss, 3. Can’t get a group because no one wants to compete with a noob for gear AND deal with the door boss.

I tried running a Naxx 10, but Mach wanted to bring a Hunter and another Resto shaman… so needless to say, if I rolled enhancement, I had to roll against an under geared hunter. If I wanted to roll resto, I would have to roll against an under geared shaman. I couldn’t win for lose if my life DEPENDED on it.

So yeah…. The beginning of this weekend was good, the end… not so much.

I have an issue when it comes to my toons. I hate it when my toon is considered ‘under geared’. When Mika hit 80, I was pulling tricks out my ass to put groups together for Naxx and heroics. I wanted her gear BAD. Same with Rei, I want her gear BAD. It bothers me if my toons can’t commit to the content I want them to be able to comfortably walk into.

I want Rei to be able to comfortably walk into a Naxx 25 or Ulduar 10. Yeah, pretty big jump for a fresh 80 not even 3 days old. Her walking around with a green trinket from level 65 I was never able to replace bothers me to the point of I won’t even TOUCH my druid until Rei is geared to the point of my approval.

Even if I have to sit and run heroics day in and day out to get 500 emblems to replace all the greens and blues on her, I will do it. I got over 1000 on Mika so far, I have no issues in farming heroics for lower easy raids for gear. 1. It gives me a chance to get gear for both specs 2. it’s good practice.

Right now, Mika’s time on her game card ran out on Saturday. For the time being… I’m not sure if I should bother re-subbing her for a while because I know in the mean-time, I’m going to be spending most, if not all, of my time on Rei. Granted the guild is still doing Ulduar 10, but I know there are a few healers in the guild who would be more than happy to take my place who actually need the gear.

In other news…

Tomorrow BoO is having a guild meeting where Mach will be announcing the guild changes that he and the officers are making to the guild to give it a more ‘casual progression raiding guild’ feel. I for one am very excited to hear about it. (I’m his GF and I’m still in the fog about certain details, but meh… I’m only a veteran, not an officer. I have to be reminded where my place is from time to time with this kind of stuff to avoid someone calling the ‘favortism’ card. /grumble) But right after the announcement, they’re going to be heading off to ToC 10 man, woot!!

With them luck.

Oh… by the way… on a side note…

I saw Ky and Amber do it a few time, so I’ll go ahead and shoot my own two cents in…

BoO is recruiting… we love long walks in Naxx, and cruising through Ulduar in our giant demolishers. In our spare time we like to farm heroics for badges, sit in vent and chat, and pick on Amber because she sounds like her sister. We’re looking for someone who is funny, witty, and can keep up with the jokes on our resident minor Hunt who takes a beating on a daily basis. If you think you’re this person, you can view our profile at BoO

Because filters at work suck, I’m uploading the screenies at home during lunch. =D

I would just like to say one thing for the day;

In the same sense a complete stranger shouldn’t come into your house and proceed to call you ugly and say that you have horrible home décor skills, you should NOT go onto someone’s blog and proceed to personally attack them and their competency.

It’s one thing to offer constructive criticism, I enjoy listening to people when they offer a civil explanation of an alternative way to solving an issue, but when you come onto MY blog, and MOCK me, and try to condescend ME, and you know who you are, I deleted your comment because I will NOT have someone question my intelligence on my blog. If you don’t like what I say, or if you don’t agree with what I do, then GTFO.

I hope said person reads this, because I don’t ever want you to comment on my blog again. You might’ve thought you were slick after saying what you did and leaving no web address or email, but I’ve got your IP, you coward.

Stay the fuck out of my blog if you can’t keep your rude comments to yourself.

I’m sure everyone has heard that line, “Here’s yer sign…” from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, where a joke just flies over someone’s head and the irony of the situation is almost incomprehensible? Well… I had a “Here’s yer sign…” moment last night.

Remember how I said we were going to ‘steamroll’ Naxx 25 because we’ve had it on farm for heaven knows how long? And remember how I said that I was either going to have a post full of Win or a post full of Fail? Well… even though we’re trying to progress in Ulduar 25, but see to be getting stuck with the same people who are clueless, we still can’t even clear more than one wing in Naxx 25 in two and a half hours.

….Here’s yer sign…

It took me a moment, and as much as I hate to admit it -in which I didn’t want to publicly admit it in front of everyone- but should we really, honestly and truly, be trying to replace Naxx 25 runs with Ulduar 25 runs with the gear level of 60% of the raid barely, just barely, at Ulduar 10 standards??

Last night, granted yes we did have some of our core DPS, healers, and a core tank, but the rest of the group, some composed with a sprinkle of alts, should NOT have taken 2 ½ hours to clear construct wing in Naxx 25.

Let me give you a break down on how this run went.

This fight, is not hard.

1st Attempt
So far so good, get Patchwerk to 60%… Mikata bites the dust, hateful tank down, tried to Brez, didn’t get it in time, half the raid down, we wipe it.

Mikata only has 38.6k health… arjthgapghap;g And I was a hateful tank because the other alt tank who was tanking the boss only had 35k health.

2nd Attempt

3rd Attempt


Steve steps in, tells Murri to GTFO and tanks the boss.

Patch dies.

This boss was a surprising one shot. Yes, we did have people dropping bombs in the middle of the raid like scrubs, but it seemed everyone else had the common sense to GTFO the green shit.

Being the tank with the second highest health, and the only one out of Murri and myself Atropus could trust, I got the honor of swap tanking the boss with Andy.

Macharious: “MIKATA TAUNT!!”
Atropus: “Oh damn… TAUNT BACK!!”


Gluth dies.

We spend 20 MINUTES figuring out who is healing, who is tanking, who is DPSing what side, Hunt and Amber argue over recount because Hunt is retarded and needs to be globally muted sometimes, and it’s just OMFG LET GO.

Since Murri can’t prot DPS for shit (like my tank spec feral dps is any better, aisjhgpajg), he’s tanking one of the bosses. They both die, we jump down to Thadd. About 30 seconds in we hear.

Atropus: “Murri… do NOT pull him off me, watch your THREAT!!”
Murri: “Oh, sorry, my bad. I’m in defensive stance.”
Macharious: “Why are you in defensive stance? Switch to zerker stance.”
Murri: “Alright, but I’ll switch back here soon, I get more DPS in defensive stance.”
Macharious: “No the fuck you don’t, stay in zerker stance.”

Thaddius dies.

Keep in mind, between every pull we have to stop or slow down for one reason or another. Someone leaves or someone has to be replaced, or someone has to be globally muted, WTFE. This shit is taking too damn long.

We go to try our hand in the Military Wing.

Instructor Razuvious

1st Attempt
The healers can’t seem to keep the understudies up for shit, and they keep dying. So what happens?


Mikata trys to taunt him, pops Survival Instincs, has 50k health, and gets oneshotted and omnomnom’s the floor.

Amber: “Where is my tank, my understudy is attacking me!”
Atropus: “Your tank is dead.”

Everyone dies.

2nd Attempt


Everyone dies.

We call it a night.

Yes… a night full of disappointments, Here’s yer sign… that leads me to the conclusion:

How can we expect to make very much progress in Ulduar 25 when we can barely… BARELY handle a raid we’ve had on farm for so long. I’m not sure if it was the lack of focus, or the lack of commitment, but we shouldn’t have had these problems. I get the feeling that most of these new recruits just aren’t taking it seriously. (Yes, I know it’s a game, get the fuck off my back, I don’t like wasting 3 hours of my life for school yard bullshit in a game I play to enjoy.)

I think it’s time we should reevaluate our current raiding situation.

I work for a major student loan company, and seeing as a new school semester is about to start, we’re in the middle of our peak season. Because of the high volume in my processing department, we’ve been required to work some overtime.
18 hours of overtime a week to be exact.
Alright… alright… no biggie.

Let me give you insight on what I ACTUALLY do at my job.

*Process Account
*Browse blogs
*Browse forums
*Reply to threads
*Start typing up a blog post
*Work an account
*Read the 5,729 chain emails I get throughout the day
*Go read more blogs
*Read more blogs
*Read more forums
*Process and account
*Rinse and repeat

I still meet my quota requirements, no problem, but I certainly don’t mind doing 36 hours of OT in the next two weeks. =3 I should have like half a million blogs on my blogroll that I love reading from a day to day basis…. But…. I’m kinda lazy.

In other news

Tonight we will be steamrolling (hopefully) a Naxx 25 tonight. (Hell, by the looks of the sign-ups we might as well do a Ulduar 10), but if we do manage to get 25 people against their will into Naxx, I am going to beg, and plead, for people to at least TRY to focus. Yes, we’ve ran it 15,468,971,255 times, I could run Naxx asleep in a coma and not die, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to half-ass my way through it.

Amber, darling, you mean the world to me, and I don’t want to overstep any boundaries, but I am most certainly willing to become Queen Bitch of raid runs and punish stupidity by openly making it known how big of a moron they’re being if things get out of hand in your runs.

It can be like good cop-bad cop…. Without the good cop. =D

But, I can promise one thing, after tonight, I will certainly have 1 of 2 things. A post full of OMGOMGYAY, or a post ful of QQWTFDIAF for tomorrow. (Maybe I can finally get the elusive Grim Toll I’ve lost 11 times now)

Being a healer and newly converted tank, I feel I’m in my right to QQ all day long about terribad DPS. (Yes… terribad: adj. describing one who is not only bad at what they do, but terrible at being bad, making them terribly bad which is a bazillion times worst than being just FAIL. Thus terribad. Ex. You have Poor-Bad-Terrible-Fail-Terribad.)

I’m sure everyone knows the type of DPS I speak of.

You have the ‘1337’ DPS:
This is the DPS that has been playing the game since the begining of time, and know the in, odds, and outs of thier class and all spec’s associated. They can sit and rip astomishing numbers and amaze people with thier DPS… yeah, that’s great. Said DPS also doesn’t know have to control aggro, and proceed to TRY and pull off tanks because they don’t want to inturrupt rotation and lose DPS. They then proceed to die and eat dirt.

You then have the ‘Lazy’ DPS:
These folks are the ones who have been playing for a long time, but they’re lazy. They’re on time to raids and attend every week, but refuse to do thier homework, and wind up missing a detail and wiping the raid. For instance! On Kolo… when you see the message, “Kologarn focuses his eye beams on you!” DON’T FREAK THE FUCK OUT AND RUN THROUGH THE DPS AND CUT THEM ALL IN HALF DAMNIT!!!!

And let’s not forget the ‘Alters’:
Alters are people who have uber geared mains and have a fresh 80 for an alt they expect to be carried through 25 mans to rapidly gain gear through loot-whoring. When they’ve recieved all they can get on thier main, they want to catch that alt up as quickly as possible with little to no effort to the rest of the guild to become more competition for people’s MAINS.

These are your 3 species of what I like to call ‘Terribad DPS’

Everyone knows a handful of these type of people, and if you claim you don’t then I say you’re full of shit and to get the fuck out. These are the type of people that make the gaming experience less enjoyful for me. Granted, yes it is a game, and yes, the idea of a game is to progress and get better, learn more, and become the best, BUT THIS ISN’T AN RPG HERE, IT’S A FUCKING MMO!! YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE PLAYING!!

Things would be SO much more relaxing is there was some sense of compassion amongst players. Something I dislike about DKP is that if someone is wearing a blue, and someone is wearing a level 213 item, that one wearing the 213 might bid higher on the item even though the one wearing the blue could use that MASSIVE upgrade. I can recall passing on many items because I know eventually, I can always come back and get it later.

Granted, there have been times when I’ve lost on the same much desperately needed item like Grim Toll that I’ve lost rolls on 11 times, and yes there’s a bitter taste in my mouth for a little while, I eventually get over it and work around it.

If players could learn to work with one another, help benefit one another, GET ALONG with one another, wouldn’t that make the game more enjoyable than to have a bank full of purples? If DPS could help the tank hold aggro, healers keep and extra eye on the raid or tanks, tanks make sure you’re paying attention to bebuffs and be ready with taunts or watch for a signal to move, raiders in general stay out of shit that hurts… things would go so much smoother!

Man, this entry has gone from DPS QQ to general raiding QQ.

Last night we went back into Ulduar 25, and in no way am I QQ’ing about my particular raid last night, it actually went fairly well. We downed XT, Kolo, and IC (which was a shock to me), and our Lovely Healing Officer Amber for our first Fragment for the Legendary Val’anyr. Last night over all went really well… the souce of my QQ you ask? Let’s just say I had a reminder or two last night despite the progress we made.


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